Mended Leaves 

(Work-in-Progress), 2020-ongoing

Experiences from my daily life are woven through my work-in-progress, Mended Leaves. This evolving series began in 2020 as I circled close to home, walking to and through Toronto neighbourhoods. During these excursions I instinctually collected petals and leaves, some offered to me by my daughters. Upon returning home these tokens were pressed in books, placed in vases, or laid out for immediate intervention. Using on-hand supplies, I began exploring ways to transform the foliage through repairing tears, matching and re-imagining colours, and other such experimentation. These inquiries are reflections on the experience of mothering during a period filled with unease, when time continued to bend,stand still, and stretch in unfamiliar ways. Through engaging with these meditative and playful acts, I give myself space to contemplate the expansiveness of how care is given and it’s impact on the caregiver. The resulting hybrid botanicals speak to my desire to create conversations about the work of caregiving and importance of community. 

These images were created with the support of the Canada Council for The Arts and Toronto Arts Council.

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