Exchanges: Dialogue, Hesitation & Creation

June 23 - September 16, 2018

Ida Arentoft, Hannah Laycock, Jennifer Long, Gina Lundy, Sarah Mangialardo, Margaret Mitchell, Clare Samuel, Kate Schneider, Arpita Shah, and Stacey Tyrell

An exhibition by members of Feminist Photography Network’s Online Residency

In the summer of 2017, Feminist Photography Network piloted an online residency, which brought together mid-career woman-identified artists from Canada and Scotland (via the Scotland-based WildFires: Women Photographers Network). The framework of the online residency revolved around monthly deadlines, feedback on work-in-progress, and peer motivation. Based in Brooklyn, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Highlands of Scotland, and Toronto, the selected artists are aligned in their connection to photo-based practices, interest in community-building, and shared challenges in creating art. These artists have experienced common impediments, such as halts to their practice due to family commitments, precarious employment, and health issues. These and other variables, paired with the repeated underrepresentation of women in art, pose a challenge to sustaining an artistic practice. Exchanges: Dialogue, Hesitation & Creation explores the dynamic process of artistic production, including the failed shoots, self-doubt, and moments of clarity, while celebrating how the chaos of daily life can both inspire and hinder an artistic practice.

Part of BRAVE: The Festival of Risk and Failure

Special thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for their support of this exhibition

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