Thank you Canada Council for the Arts 

Caesura has been selected for 2020-2021 Research and Creation support from Canada Council for the Arts.  

From the Latin word to describe a pause or break within a poetic verse, Caesura examines the complicated framework of the mother-daughter relationship and its connection to memory. Through the process of raising two young girls, I catch glimpses of my own girlhood mirrored back at me through their actions. Moved by the quality of light, a texture or situation, I am at once transported back to specific moments in time. These “recalls” lead me to question the veracity of what I remember. This is complicated by the past meeting the present as my memories are reflected in my daughters’ gestures and actions. As an artist I bare witness to the mother-daughter relationship as it evolves, one that has moved from complete dependence on me as a mother to this newer semi-autonomous state of being. There is a pause in the middle of the line and that line is flowing from me through to my daughters. At a certain point my children will no longer be attached to me in the same way that they were when they were younger.The pause is growing longer and Caesura is a way to explore these inevitable changes and the texture of the time within them. While I gather observations of every day life, I have come to recognize that quotidian moments hold pivotal revelations – ones that deserve to be fixed into a record of this period in my life. 

Selections from Caesura included in  HOME-WORKS, Artists / Mothers in Quarantine 

Designed to mimic a school homework jotter, the Home-works Zine brings together the work of 33 Spilt Milk artists produced during the first months of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Located on different parts of the globe with varying degrees of ‘Stay at Home’ orders, these artists were united in quarantine. They were united in capturing this unique moment of time through the lens of an artist and mother during a global crisis.

Home-works brings forth these reflections and questions; in this new world order which has legitimised working from home, will the work of mothers finally be recognised?

The zine is a gorgeous 40 pages printed on bright white 90gm newsprint, measuring 25cm x 17cm and limited to 300 copies.

Profits from the zine will go toward Spilt Milk's 2021 exhibition programme supporting artist/mothers and for every copy sold, £1 will be invested into our childcare fund!

Featured Artists: Emily Zarse, Jennifer Long, Jennifer Georgescu, Isabelle Zumbrink, Olivia de Fleuriot Perry, Anna Grevenitis, Suzanne Schireson, F. Maria Velasco, Megan Driving Hawk, Rebecca Livesy-Wright, Martha Orbach, Crystal Ann Brown, Catherine Reinhart, Lee Nowell-Wilson, Guadalupe Aldrete, Victoria Smits, Lauren McLaughlin, Lynsey Watson, Gina Lundy, Sarah Irvin, Carole Loeffler, Sarah Dolan, Dawn Yow, Emi Avora, Josie McCoy, Kasey Jones, Nuala Herron, KimyiBo, Lisa Evans, Brooke Bowen, Rebecca Potts, Jill Skulina, Lisa Alberts.

Visit the online exhibition:

OpenWalls Arles & Birth Rights Collection

Untitled, 2013 (Nobby) from Imminent  has been selected for exhibition at OpenWalls Arles and will be on display at Galerie Huit Arles from June 26th to September 5th, 2020.  This image has also been shortlisted for the Birth Rites Biennial Competition for New Works: 2020.  The artwork will be premiered on Thursday 9th July at 7.30pm (British Summer Time) alongside 14 other artists' work during the Birth Rites Collection Summer School as an open online screening, free to attend via ZOOM and VIMEO.   For more details visit

The Imminent series was created with the support of the Ontario Arts Council.

Artist Parent Index

So pleased to have my work alongside so many amazing artists, publications, exhibitions and resources:

The Artist Parent Index collects information related to the visual art discourse around reproduction and parenting and organizes the details in an online searchable database. The site is a research tool for students, artists, educators, curators, and the general public.

As a repository for knowledge about the variety of art and curatorial practices pursuing these topics, the Index provides a platform for subject matter that has been historically marginalized within the canon of art history. By connecting the general public directly to the artists on the site and providing research support for exhibits and publications, the project increases public understandings of the subjective experiences surrounding reproduction and raising children.

Founder: Sara Irvin
Contributing Researcher: Sarah Dolan


My writing has been included in ‘Mothers’ Days’, a project by Lenka Clayton @lenkaclaytonstudio.  This publication composes the accounts of 82 artist mothers on what unfolded in their day on July 15, 2019.  The book will be debuted in Labor: Motherhood & Art in 2020’the inaugural exhibition of the new University Art  Museum at New Mexico State University. It will open on February 28, 2020 and remain on view until May 28, 2020. 

Mothers’ Days / photo: Phillip Andrew Lewis / design Brett Yasko / project by Lenka Clayton / texts by Agnieszka, Aldrete, Guadalupe, Anonymous, Hannah Baker Saltmarsh, Amy Beeston, Araidia Blackburn, Elena Blythe, Brittany Bond, Joanna Bond, Bonnie, Susan Bradley Smith, Luisa Callegari, Catherine, Joie Chan, Mya Cluff, Danka, Jessica Delfino, Sarah Dolan, Jen Donnery, Magdalena Edwards, Stephanie Edwards, Grace, Meagan Grant, Jelena Grujičić, Ariel Hall, Nicole Haroutunian, Heather, Helen, Corrie Hosking, Rachel Johnston, Janie Julien-Fort, Sarah Kain Gutowski, Katie, Rachel Kerwin, Jessica Kneipp, Lauren, Robyn LeRoy-Evans, Lisa, Lisa, Jennifer Long, Patti Maciesz, Rachel Maggart, Taylor Mardis Katz, Chloë Marsden, Jennifer McCandless, Rachel McDonnell, Sara McNeilly Ammon, Amanda Mehl West, Rachel Moodie, Jessica Mueller, Dr. Emily O’Hara, Candace Jane Opper, Jenny Pritchett, Ramona, Georgina Reskala, Rita, Sofía Roncero, Rosalie, Sally, Sarah, Hanna Schaer, Carly Schmitt, Laurie Schram, Bérénice Staiger, Donna Szoke, Alyson Thomas, Corrie Thompson, Jenny Weir, Caprice White, Amanda Wood, Shiori Yajima.

Members Q & A

Thanks to Lauren McLaughlin at Spilt Milk for the Q & A blog post. It was a lovely chance reflect on my process and community.

Gallery One, St Margarets House, Edinburgh

Selections from Caesura will be on exhibition as part of re: birth: Spilt Milk Members Show, curated by Lauren McLaughlin September 28 - October 13, 2019. Spilt Milk is an artist-lead social enterprise based in Scotland whose mission is to promote the work of artists who are mothers.

Flow Photo Festival, Inverness

A selection from the Imminent series will be on display at Highland Print Studio, Inverness, Scotland as part of FLOW Photofest. FLOW Photofest is an international festival celebrating photography in all its forms held biennially across the north of Scotland. The festival will launch in Inverness and the North of Scotland in September 2019 and will comprise exhibitions, talks, films and workshops on the theme of BORDERS.

PhotoPlace Gallery, Vermont

Work from Caesura, selected by HuffPost Photo Director Christy Havranek, is on display at PhotoPlace Gallery's . The Being Human exhibition runs August 15 to September 7, 2019.

Thank you Ontario Arts Council!

I’m pleased to announce that I have received a Mid-Career, Visual Artists Creation Project Grant from the Ontario Arts Council to develop Caesura.

Caesura (a Latin word to describe a pause or break within a poetic verse) examines the dichotomy between the mirroring and the assertion of self that I witness between my daughters and myself. As my children move through girlhood, I see their social development evolve through their interactions with one another, peers and adults. I am intrigued by the subtle details in these casual exchanges: the awkward pauses, the self-conscious yet self-aware body language, and an indifference to personal space. Inspired by observations of childhood growth, Caesura will create dialogue on topics of autonomy, intergenerational experience, and intimacy.

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